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Help if the doctor pushes it out?

Help if the doctor pushes it out?

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August 13, 2012 at 17 o'clock Our little boy, our second child, arrived in our home at 25 minutes, in health, health, with a fracture, and with a birth. That's not how I made it.

A little unexpectedly, the head doctor announced that you would have the baby today. I was in CTG in the morning in the morning and decided after the exam to start it, since I was over 40, my stomach was Irish, we thought the baby was big and two days old mйhszбjam. I went home and checked the luggage, and my baby was picked up at midnight, and the head doctor crushed the box. . The limit is the cabbies arrived and I was pretty excited, but it didn't take long for the "painful" vajъdбsbecause I got epidural anesthesia for three years. The doctor and the nurse said she would have the baby by then. I was starting to worry about how I was going to feel the pull-out right now, but my nurse reassured me that I would feel when I had to push, but I wouldn't be in pain.

Help if the doctor pushes it out?

At that time I thought it was going to be the kind of "smiling birth" I've read and heard so far, but then things didn't turn out because Meath's head did not enter the birth canal so quickly it went into the ED. At that time, two-minute headaches came back and there was a big contrast between nothing and the soon-to-be-strong headaches, but EDA was reasonably strong and had plenty of rest.
If I remember correctly, for the sixth press Matthew exposes. It was a bit difficult for me to look in and push in, because the chief physician jumped up on my bed and pressed my tummy, which was certainly a big help at the time, but I felt like pushing the udder out of me.
I once yelled, "Fuck you!"
Of course, they knew I was not drowning, but I was paying more attention to this than to doing my job, the right kind of printing. But no matter, because it was a huge happiness when Matt slipped out and heard the little rumble. I got it on my chest in the morning, and there it was relaxed. Just as his little wet, delicate warm body was touching my body, the hollow in my memory, as well as the way I told my brother to take some photos, I looked to the side, and then I could see that he couldn't photograph.
At 4100 grams and 56 centimeters, the baby was a big surprise for the family and the medical-maternity hospital (considering my size, I became a big baby). It was true that he had a big head and my caverns were broken, they had a barrier cut, I got a lot of internal stitches, but I was very shy that he could get out naturally. We started breastfeeding in my baby room, she was very cuddly, though she was a bit fatigued and weak.
They took Matt out of the room because the baby could not have anyone inside Margaret's Hospital the first night. The pay single room was free, so we stuffed it, and I could sleep, although the baby really missed me, and I struggled with peeing the night because she didn't want to start (they were catheterized for EDA). I was able to go to the baby at six o'clock the next morning and rushed to see let's suck for a while, because at 7am it has to be handed over every day for a baby visit, two and a half, three ounces. And at 7 in the evening you have to give it a bath, which usually takes an hour. I think a breastfeeding advisor would make it to the department.
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