The baby of Esther Rabsku was born

The baby of Esther Rabsku was born

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The upstairs section of the Dumasnhbaz stand shared the goulash with its followers from the Kurghbazi.

Photo by: Neményi Mбrton, nlc.huThe humorous Monday night shared the baby's first picture on Facebook and Instagram with the following text: Just lured her in!
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We just lured her in ???

Post by Eszter Rбskу (@eszter_schwester), Jul 8, 2019, 10:15 am (according to PDT timezone)

The humorist did not share with his followers that his first child was a baby or boy, but the baby's pink kicking could be an outrageous sign. he shared with his followers in February that he was expecting a baby, and in the three-week-old vlog of Matrjoska about her pregnancy. In the first part of the youtube video series, he said that Matrjoska's vlog section is a therapy for the figure that helps to process pregnancy and all that goes with it. All of these are unfeeling, completely honest, and of course he was telling with his usual humor.


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