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Is there a link between autism and cesarean section?

Is there a link between autism and cesarean section?

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A new study has linked cesarean section to autism and ADHD. The cheese has picked up the news, but let's see what the data really is.

According to a new study, there is a link between autism, inattentive hyperactivity, and cesarean section - the news seems rather alarming, but when you look at the data you find that you do not fully learn it.Is there a link between autism and cesarean section? kцzzйtett JAMA Network Open in tanulmбny 19 orszбg tцbb than 20 milliу csбszбrmetszйssel analyzed vйgzхdх szьlйsйrхl kйszнtett 61 tanulmбny eredmйnyeit, йs megбllapнtotta that autism kialakulбsбnak valуszнnыsйge 33 szбzalйkkal nцvekszik, ADHD kialakulбsбnak kockбzata is higher than 17 szбzalйkkal than hьvelyi ъton szьletettek esetйben However, the authors note that their statistical examination does not prove that cesarean section causes ADHD or autism;
However, the results "suggest a method of dressing using a dressing technique", the researchers reported. While this is a significant database, if you take into account the overall incidence of these disorders (only 1% autism and 7% ADHD), the increase in risk is still extremely low, but it is not very significant. huge, "he told Reuters Dr. Pankhuree Vandana, a psychiatrist at Columbus Nationwide Children's Hospital in Ohio who did not take part in the examination. And it does not generally prove that cesarean section causes autism or ADHD. Risk factors leading to cesarean section can also be risk factors that can cause autism or ADHD. "(Via)
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