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CSOK has changed: it is easier to get a home

CSOK has changed: it is easier to get a home

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As of March 15, 2018, a new regulation on CSOK simplification will come into effect. One of the most important changes is for families who already have real estate, but it is easier for foreigners and administrators to buy.

CSOK has changed: it is easier to get a homeBeginning in mid-March, you will be able to apply for the Family Creation Discount (CSOK) simpler and faster. The amendment, which will come into effect on March 15th, will also allow families who have not been eligible for support and many other benefits. Previously, you could apply for a CSOK with your existing home only if the benefit was used to buy or renovate a new home. This is changing now. "Buying a used property is not an absolute reason if someone has another property up to 1/1 in ownership. because the buyer has to live there, but this is not forbidden by the decree to let the former home rent. you also need a home loan to buy (even without a partner), but currently have very low loan rates and high rents, so you can get a monthly loan repayment out of your life. Head of Real Estate Mortgage Center It will be easier for Hungarians returning from their country. They do away with the need for six months' employment in Hungary. It is enough if you have been working abroad for a while and want to be located in Hungary for six months. The official line szбmos feltйtelrхl, нgy pйldбul бllбs instead of fennбllу hбzassбgrуl, children megszьletйsйrхl the bьntetlen elхйletrхl the kцztartozбs-mentessйgrхl йs arrуl that igйnylхk kцzцs hбztartбsban йlnek will elegendх You can now access the full bizonyнtу erejы magбnokiratban nyilatkozni.A szabбlyozбs also ezentъl it allows 180 days instead of 120 between the conclusion of the contract of sale and the request of the CSOK. This hasznбlt ingatlanoknбl kevйsbй mйrvadу, but the New Account can йpнtйsы ingatlanoknбl vбltozбs important because csъsztak korбbban tцbben a result of the hatбridхkbхl szakйrtх experience szerint.Gadanecz Zoltбn, GDN Ingatlanhбlуzat alapнtу owner ъgy vйli the mбrcius 15 йn йletbe will rendeletmуdosнtбs szйlesebb kцrben lйpх to move people and the use of CSOK for real estate purchases can increase in the long run.Related articles in CSOK:
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