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A noisy bedroom doesn't do any good for sperm

A noisy bedroom doesn't do any good for sperm

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Men were not careful that too much noise during sleep had a negative effect on the quality of sperm, and thus on fertility.

A noisy bedroom doesn't do any good for sperm

According to researchers in South Korea less productive men who live in a noisy neighborhood like their quiet neighbors. "It is clear that any source of stress can have a negative effect on fertility; Dr. James Nodler a reproductive endocrinologist and meddling specialist at Houston Methodist Hospital. " the ability of the body to functionbecause when we're in stress, our bodies can't focus on reproduction, "says the expert. About 15 percent of American couples can't handle a year of unprotected sex. the form can be a barrier to childhood.In the course of the research, the Seoul National University examined 206 thousand 20 and 59 year old men, taking into account the age, income, smoking habits, body indexes, they are more exposed to noise, 14 percent more likely to be non-national than their counterparts in quieter environments.
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