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Nighttime panic attack

Nighttime panic attack

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The child is crying, shouting, waking up, or getting out of bed, or maybe walking. We talk to you in vain, you don't answer, and then you calm down. The next day usually doesn't remember anything. This is pavor nocturnus (signal awakening) that can be caused by bad spirits.

Every third with children between two and seven years elхfordul. According to the researchers, the brain's developmental state is causing this phenomenon, so there is nothing we can do about it. If you don't remember it the other day, you better not mention it.

Nighttime panic attack

The other most common cause of night-time awakening is all the doubts other than bad mood that the child usually reports at night or on the morning of the morning. with every second child something like that happens. Even though the sons fight in their lives, the children are frightened of the wing. The older you get, the more you can tell the story. Usually it turns out that the fears and excitement of the sun come back at night. As the baby is abundantly impressed with children at this stage of their lives, it is no wonder that the nights are also more restless. The dreams help us process the events of the day. Not only the bad conditions leave a mark on the dream, but also the exciting or for adults, they are indifferent. Here are some physical causes of bad luck: clogged nose, difficult dinner. Up to the age of children, children cannot always make a difference between dream and truth, which is why they are so frightened by their wild and terrifying wildness. They quickly calmed down under our blanket, believing that Dad and Mom can eliminate all trouble.
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