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The 7 most common inconvenience

The 7 most common inconvenience

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7 traps every woman would avoid if she were just wearing it. But it may not always be, and there is something you do not need.

Discomfort after childbirth

1. I can't live!

I wouldn't have thought my dick would be so painful. I thought he was going to be a little bit sensitive, but I couldn't go, live, or stop. My son has bought a rubber, it is more comfortable to live in, but so does my strain. What to do?"What can cause it?
Although after childbirth, high wound hormone levels cause all wounds to heal very quickly, but the goiter is in the "wrong place" and can cause a lot of pain. Women with EDA feel much more painful in the hind limbs because the anesthetic is suddenly overwhelmed by the overwhelming pain - as opposed to those who are increasingly used to their parents over time.How common?
Serious barrier pain is reported by one to two women. The solution is not to avoid a barrier incision - an unpleasant barrier fracture can heal more slowly and painfully.What can we do?
It is important for your doctor to check for pain or inflammation in the background of the pain. If everything is okay medically, there is no other back: however difficult it may seem, try to get back to your normal movements as soon as possible. Come on, stand, sit calmly - drop the cushion, rather choose hard chairs. You may see stars at first, but excessive starvation will only slow down the healing process. Blood absorption can help with ice cream, healing is accelerated by washing and careful drying several times a day. It is unnecessary to lubricate and rock dust - it only hinders natural wound healing.

2. It's hard to hold back!

"Even during pregnancy, a couple of drops of urine have fallen on my holy, coughing, but I thought that if the pressure on my bladder disappears after the baby is born, it will not stop." I would regret not having ever been to an intimate gym before. Are you ready to start now? "What can cause it?
Urinary incontinence is caused not only by birth defects, but also by continuous pressure during pregnancy, as women with congenital malformations complain.How common?
Between five and fifteen women are affected by such complaints. According to our expert, the reason for the high screening rate lies in the method of birth control - timely barrier cutting can reduce the incidence of this problem. Other professionals represent the opposite point of view. The frequency of complaints also depends on age, and incontinence is more common in older age.What can we do? Intimate gymnastics never get started! After six weeks of control, if your doctor talks, you can start the gym with confidence. To a certain degree, you can also trust that the situation improves itself. A large part of women will disappear within a couple of days.Hint: You will probably not have time to attend a course with your baby, but you can also learn the intimacy technique of moving invisible muscles through a book, video cassette.

3. As if you're always tired!

"Even after my first childbirth, the first day of breastfeeding was uncomfortable. When the baby started breastfeeding, my baby cramped a little. And if you hit me on the breast, you will see stars. This pain is much stronger than I felt when I was born! How long will this state last? "What can cause it?
The doctor is "happy" to hear a pregnant mother complain, as all this indicates is that her body is working perfectly. Awkward sensation, but very useful! Powerful contractions will shrink and become smaller and smaller. Where the butterfly is attached to the uterus, there is a large, bleeding wound on the back - the smaller the uterus collapses, the smaller the wound surface and the risk of infection.How common?
Almost every overpower causes some discomfort to the parents in the next couple of days after the birth. Fortunately, the bee soon reaches its original size - the more intense the pain, the faster the process.What does the doctor do?
In principle, analgesics can help, but they inhibit blood clotting and pass into breast milk. It's better to have patches with patience, changes take place in a few days.Hint:
A well-chosen homeopathic remedy can help. Before breastfeeding, put a tiny ball of Kalium carbonicumC5 under your tongue and your pain will be more bearable. You can also try the breathing technique you tried during your run. It is good to put on warmth (cherry bag, thermo bag) immediately before breastfeeding begins.

4. No drop!

"That I didn't have to pee on the crib, I still didn't wonder, because they didn't let me drink during the butter. these muscles! Scary sensation! "What can cause it?
Pressing on the anterior wall of the sternum during delivery may result in damage to the sternal nerve. In such cases, women feel urine in vain, simply unable to bring the proper muscles into action. It occurs especially when the baby has been born with a high birth weight or if the delivery period is very delayed.How common?
The first few occur in the middle, and almost never in the middle.What can we do?
Many enjoy the relaxing effect of the warm water jet. The warm shower, the lingering power of the rattlesnake, may open the tap. If that doesn't help, the doctor inserts a catheter for the couple of days it takes for the neurons to recover.

5. I have a gold medal

"After the baby shower first, I just felt like my head was down there. When I opened it, I noticed that my end protruded for more than an inch.What can cause it?
With the advent of a hard posture specialist, it is often the case that the power to move is reversed, especially for women who have suffered from gold or veins during pregnancy.How common?
Sixty to seventy percent of newborn women are temporarily suffering from the gold rush, but most cases recover within two to three days after the first rupture. Unfortunately, for women over the age of 40 and those who are predisposed to malignancy, this can also cause permanent discomfort.What does the doctor do?
In particular, we can expect improvement from a local therapist: a variety of pills and ointments help with concussions and alleviate pain. If it doesn't improve, it can be ambulatory the intervention of the proctologist will eliminate the problem specialist.

6. Do you ever light up?

"The next day after the cup, we were going home. But the other day I woke up to the whimpering of my water. ? 'What can cause it?
By no means does the wound heal, so you don't have to worry about it because the bees have been carefully sewn together. What you just saw is just the sorting of the outer skin. Blood, purulent alarms are an alarming, but non-dangerous condition. The problem is not caused by lifting the baby, nor is it the fault of your doctor - the most common cause is that the patient is allergic to the sewing thread or has an infected wound.How common?
Depending on the curve and sewing type, it occurs between ten and thirty percent.How is it treated?
Your doctor will often clean the wound and then Re-seal and glue. It is possible that the result is a thicker, thinner scar than a smooth healing process. In order to prevent infection, the patient receives antibiotics that can be taken during breast-feeding.

7. Bleeding heavily again!

"I've heard that the baby river flow is slowly turning brown and it's getting less and less. I was born two weeks ago and now you're seeing a reddish red color on my body. What does that mean?"What can cause it?
Contact a doctor immediately to see if any part of the bed is left over by abdominal ultrasound. As many pieces of peas can cause serious infections, they should be removed immediately!How common?
Breastfeeding occurs in one to two women, and it is a common symptom that less milk is needed.What does the doctor do?
Sьrgхs you may need a health check. However, if only inflammation is the cause of the symptoms, antibiotic treatment may be sufficient. Dr. Michael Tцrцk head nurse, university professor.Related Articles:
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